Price: $125

State: Washington
City: Everett
Zip code: 98205
Type: Animals

I have pairs of gouldians and a number of blackheaded singles that may be split to blue-their parents were splits-but I can't guarantee those. I do have some three to four month olds that are split to blue-their dad was blue, mom a split. I have a yellow headed, white breasted green back male who just finished his first moult a month ago that is currently paired with a red headed, white breasted yellowback hen. The pair is $125. The black headed pair in the second and third pictures are a recently moulted unrelated pair that may be spit to blue for $110. In the fourth picture is a red headed, white breasted yellowback male approximately one and one half years -two years old that I got last summer. He is a very excellent dad. He is paired with a red headed, white greasted green back hen who just finished her first moult. She is really beautiful. The pair is $125. I do have a few yellow back males in the final picture but are nearing the end of their first moults.I have at least three other pair of black headed possibly split to blue gouldians that are either through or almost done moulting for $90 a pair. I feed my birds a varied diet and use S76 for air sac mites. I live in Bellingham but will be going to Seattle within the next two weeks.